Mat Rappaport Presents Touristic Intents at Visible Evidence XXII


Mat Rappaport presents the project touristic intents at the Visible Evidence conference in Toronto Canada on August 22nd.

In the talk Rappaport discusses the history of the project from its initial form as a photographic archive, an audio walk and an outdoor sculpture to the later installation which includes a single channel experimental documentary projected onto a wall of modified white boxes inside of a shipping container. The talk contextualizes this project within the history of Prora, the three political regimes under which people have used the site and the relationship between the commodification of leisure time and mass tourism. The presentation includes connects these art project to his new single channel documentary about the resort at Prora and launches the film’s website and trailer. The trailer can be seen at

The panel is titled Expanded Exhibition Spaces: Documentary and Architecture and includes presentations by art historian and curator Carmen Victor of York & Ryerson Universities, Canada and artist Cristian Villavicencio from the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Spain. Marc Glassman of Ryerson University, Canada is the panel Chair.

Visible Evidence, the international conference on documentary film and media, now in its 22nd year, will convene August 19-22nd, 2015 in Toronto, Canada. Hosted by the Cinema Studies Institute, University of Toronto; the School of Image Arts, Ryerson University; and the Department of Cinema and Media Arts, York University, Visible Evidence 22 will address the history, theory, and practice of documentary and non-fiction cinema, television, video, audio recording, digital media, photography, and performance, in a wide range of panels, workshops, plenary sessions, screenings, and special events.